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Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD

Появился в доступе Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD.

- Dist-upgrade to Debian/lenny (testing+unstable)
- Changed initial boot system from initrd to initramfs for easier customization
- Kernel with custom modules: gspca, qemu, kvm, virtualbox, ndiswrapper, avm (untested)
- Updated wifi drivers and firmware for ipw*
- compiz 3D windowmanager 0.7.3 with experimental compiz-fusion modules, compiz will start automatically if hardware detection recognizes the needed features of graphics adapters, use "no3d" or "3d" bot option to disable or enforce compiz
- KDE 3.5.9, KDE 4.0 as experimental bootoption
- ADRIANE, Audio Desktop with text-to-speech and braille support, first release (not fully complete yet), bootoption "adriane", see Known bug: even theenglish version talks in german, this can be fixed by removing all the language-related lines in /etc/adriane/adriane.conf, and restarting the screenreader with "adriane-screenreader" from the shell.
- cloop 2.624 realtime decompression with threads and experimental "suspend" feature
- OpenOffice 2.3.1
- Virtualbox OSE edition
- Orca as screenreader for GTK+ programs, use "startorca soffice" for a try (in case of tiing problems with orca being to slow, try "startorca" again without parameters)
- Updated harddisk-installer "0wn" ("zero work needed")
- Updated ntfs-3g with "visible alternate data streams" extension (to discover files in other files, mount option streams_interface=visible)
- Lots of updates.

Одно из российских зеркал сегодня не самое быстрое :-)
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